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Strategic partnerships, like with Schiatti Angelo, SRL, demonstrate DeGorter, Inc.’s focus on representing only the highest quality products.  Since 1969, DeGorter, Inc. has represented Schiatti Angelo glass processing machines in the United States, Canada, and Caribbean.  Their knowledgeable staff works with you to determine what best suits your business. 

Schiatti Angelo has been producing glass processing machinery for over 50 years and their reputation in the glass industry is second to none.  This is why the partnership between DeGorter, Inc. and Schiatti has been so successful; both companies focus on similar goals and supply only the highest quality products which ensure the quality of the finished glass products.  
Schiatti Angelo glass machines are developed with three key aspects in mind:  Durability, Reliability, and Quality.  These aspects distinguish their machines from all other glass machinery in the market.  Schiatti glass machines are user friendly and make use of the latest technologies available to the glass industry.  Furthermore, Schiatti glass machines are globally known for their strength and simplicity.  They are operator friendly and very simple to maintain. 

All tanks, covers, and conveyors are made of stainless steel and additionally parts which come in contact with water are treated to help further reduce corrosion.  Schiatti’s track system has been designed to handle much more than required so longevity and accuracy are top of the line.
Updating machinery to include the latest technological advances is one the best way to increase not only productivity but efficiency. 

Family Why DeGorter and Schiatti?

  • Quality, Reliability, and Durability
  • Higher Efficiency & Lower Production Costs
  • Hundreds of years Experience
  • Customized Solutions
  • OEM parts and Supplies
  • Large Inventory of spare parts
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Trained Technicians

Drilling Machines

- FPD 60, FPD 60XY, FPMM, TFV  - Used for drilling holes in pieces of glass. 
DeGorter, Inc. offers various models of drilling machines which are capable of handling any glass drilling job. 

The standard dual head FPD 60 is easily added in line or as a standalone machine, it operates in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic modes. 

The FPMM can have up to 4 dual headed drilling stations and is one of the fastest ways to drill holes in large production numbers. 

The TFV machine is a CNC controlled milling and drilling machine, capable of drilling different combinations in a single run.  The TFV machine is perfect for notching glass and uses standard brushless motors along ball-guides for movement along the X and Y axis.  

Pictured: FPD 60
FPD 60
Pictured: FPD 60XY
Pictured FPMM 2
Pictured: TFV 2000
TFV 2000

Vertical Edgers

Straight Grinding AR/RI, FPS, FPS S, FPS 50, FPS 50M, SME

These machines are used to grind and polish the flat edge of glass producing a furniture quality polish. Schiatti Angelo is well known for their extensive line of vertical glass edging machines in both pencil (AR/RI Series) and flat edges (FPS & SME Series). 

Schiatti Angelo’s FPS line covers all jobs and includes simple 4 spindle machines to top of the line heavy glass processing, including mitering (SME and FPS 50M Series).  The FPS series of machines is capable of processing glass pieces as small as 2” x 2” (FPS S Series) in thicknesses ranging from ⅛” – 2 ⅛”.  

Pictured: RI4M
Pictured: FPSM4
Pictured: FPS 50
Pictured: FPS 50M
Pictured: FPS 20RSB
Pictured: FPS 15S9
Pictured: SME

Horizontal Edgers

Double Edging BFT, BFP

Grinds and polishes two edges of the glass piece simultaneously.  A full line consists of two double edgers along with a transfer table, all 4 edges of the glass will be cut and polished after leaving the line.

Most suitable for large scale production facilities where runs are of a constant glass size, a double edger, grinds and polishes each side of the glass simultaneously.  Schiatti Angelo produces some of the fastest lines for double edging. 

The BFT series is capable of double edging glass at speeds up to 7.4 meters per minute and faster upon special request.  Horizontal edgers by Schiatti Angelo are capable of a variety of profiles (Pencil – BFT & Flat – BFP), glass thicknesses, and finishes.  

Pictured: BFP-12
Pictured: BFP-20


Straight Beveling BS Series

In addition to providing the grinding and polishing of a flat edge, the beveling models are capable of producing bevel on the face of the glass. 
Schiatti’s BS series is a line of vertical edgers which are capable of beveling between 3°- 45°.  These beveling machines can handle glass ranging from ⅛ – ¾”.  Beveling glass is a great way to add value to your production capabilities.

Pictured: BS9-25

Automatic Arrising

MS Series – Used to arris all sides of a sheet of glass in one pass.

Schiatti’s MS series has been designed to even and arris all edges on a piece of glass in one process.  These machines are capable of processing glass ranging in size from 19” x 11” up to as large as 13’ x 10.5’. Sheets of varying size can be processed in succession as this machine is equipped with sensors which determine the glass size. 

As with most Schiatti Angelo machines, this line can be operated automatically and from speeds ranging between 0 – 10 meters per minute.     

Pictured: MS1525

Glass Loaders

CVB Series: Used to load sheets of glass onto an assembly line. 
Schiatti produces high quality automatic loaders which can handle the largest production needs. 

The CVB series is often the starting point for a completely automated double edging line.  The CVB 12 is capable of handling ½” glass up to a sheet size of 5.25’ x 9.75’ and can load up to four pieces per minute. 

If your needs are greater, Schiatti is able to design a loader which will meet your specific needs.    

Pictured: CVB8