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Strategic partnerships like with Schiatti Angelo, SRL demonstrates DeGorter, Inc.'s focus on the highest quality glass processing products.  Their reputation in the glass industry is second to none and why our partnership with them has lasted over 50 years.

Why DeGorter and Schiatti partnership?

DeGorter is the exclusive distributor for Schiatti Angelo in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. Download General Catalog

Schiatti AngeloGlass Processing Solutions

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The Turnover-Automated Glass Production Line

More versatile and economical than robotic arm solutions, The Turnover offers automatic processing of varying sizes in succession without any operator interference.

  • Glass dimensions measured by the system & sets operating thicknesses, speeds and removal (optional).
  • Paired with an automatic loader/unloader, one person operates 4 edgers.
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Glass Drilling Solutions-TFV2000 & FPD Lines

Drilling solutions capable of handling any glass drilling application with models that can be added in a line or as a stand-alone machine.

  • TFV2000 CNC controlled milling, drilling and polishing machine is capable of processing glass 1/8" up to ¾" thick, CAD/CAM software & brushless motors with pressurized ball-guides for movement along the X & Y axis.
  • FPD-60 & FPD-60 XY-Automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation, this dual-headed drilling station can be added inline or standalone; various throat depths/table sizes & spindle speeds for different sized holes.
  • FPMM- One of the fastest ways to drill holes in large numbers, this automatic multiple dual-headed drilling station has XY movement and can be added inline.
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Horizontal Glass Double Edging Solutions-BFT & BFP

Ideal for uninterrupted large-scale production facilities with runs of constant glass size, a double edger grinds and polishes each side simultaneously, thereby insuring perfect squareness. Capable of a variety of profiles (pencil-BFT & flat-BFP), glass thicknesses and finishes.

  • BFP-Cup Double Edging for processing flat glass profile on 1/8" glass up to ¾" thickness ranging from 45" x 45" up to 50" x 180"; 5 to 10 spindles/side & optional corner dubbing.
  • BFT-Double edging for processing peripheral glass profile on 1/8" glass up to ½" thickness ranging from 45" x 45" up to 50" x 120"; 2 to 8 spindles/side & optional corner dubbing.
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Schiatti Vertical Edger

Vertical Glass Edging Solutions-AR/RI, FPS and SME Series

Industrial lines of vertical edging equipment in pencil (AR/RI Series) and flat edges (FPS Series) that handles glass pieces as small as 2" x 2" and thicknesses from 1/8" to 2 1/8" or thicker upon request.

  • FPS-15S9-9 spindle flat polish with cerium oxide
  • FPS-50M4-14 spindle with variable miter from 0-45 with cerium polishing for flat, miter & arris with flat and miter processed in single pass.
  • SME-10-10 spindle with variable miter from 0-45 with cerium polishing for flat & miter.
  • RI-4M-4 spindle peripheral polishing for pencil, flat, bull nose, waterfall or other profiled finishes.
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Schiatti Loader

Specialty Solutions for your business

When you need a machine to do specialized work, these are the best at doing their specific jobs.

  • Glass Loaders/Unloaders-CVB Series has 4 versions capable of handling ½" glass sheets up to 5.25' x 9.75' and option for designing custom loader.
  • Glass Beveling-BS Series handles glass from 1/8-3/4" and capable of beveling PLC controlled bevel between 3 to 45 degrees.
  • RS812-CNC controlled radius corner double edging for glass thicknesses from 1/8" up to 5/8" and can process up to 3 cycles/minute.
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Support after the sale is a priority

DeGorter and Schiatti Angelo both provide on-line and on-site support to keep your equipment performing its best.  Between DeGorter's North Carolina warehouse and Schiatti Angelo's fully stocked warehouse in Italy, we can provide you with prompt delivery of any parts you may need.

Contact us to help select the table that best suits your needs. Call 704-282-2055 or fill out the form.