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Since their founding in 1997 in northern Italy, Macotec's passion for technology and glass has led them to design and manufacture the most advanced glass cutting lines.

Producing reliable and innovative products using the best components and materials, they are now one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass cutting equipment.

Automated Float Glass Cutting Tables

Star cut

Star Cut-Straight and shaped cutting of float glass

Outstanding performance in speed, precision and silent operation all due to first-class mechanical components and digital technology controlling the axis movement. 

  • High tech machine with aluminum bridge and tilted tooth racks
  • Innovative cutting head with quick tool change ("Click & Cut" system)
  • Option for mounting different wheel types for Low-E glass processing
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Sharp cut

Sharp Cut-Straight line cutting of monolithic glass

No-maintenance and nearly silent mechanical operation is achieved by belt movement coupled to modern brushless motors.

  • Double control pedals (air cushion/breakout bars) for each working position 
  • Quick stop of the air cushion allows greater speed in positioning slab
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Star cut

Master Shape 3.7 FR-Shaped cutting of monolithic glass

With an excellent quality-to-price ratio, it's everything you'd want in a cutting table: quiet, compact, accurate and reliable.

  • User friendly touch-screen console 
  • Automatic loading cycle:  after loading on the forks, slab is positioned horizontally and once in place, forks and feet automatically disappear
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Star cut

Master Shape FRV-Self-loading table for straight & shaped cutting

This space-saving, self-loading table uses advanced technology to deliver precision, reliability, flexibility and quiet operation.

  • Suction cup tilting arms for fully automatic loading of glass sheets from mobile or stationary glass rack. 
  • Innovative revolving tool changer "Click & Cut" shortens working time cycle.
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Star cut

Cutting Lines for monolithic glass

Versatile and flexible, these automatic float glass cutting lines can be customized to fit your exact space and productivity needs.

  • Modular lines configured for working direction, model of cutting table and number of loading positions. 
  • Breaking-out can be carried out manually or automatically. 
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Automated Laminated Glass Cutting Tables

Star cut

Strato Active W-XYZW cutting of laminated glass

High automation and productivity lines allow the automatic execution of XYZW cuts without operator intervention.

  • 360-degree glass rotation with ultra-fast cutting cycle
  • PVB blade with automatic glass opening control
  • Automatic transport & squaring cycle of the last glass
  • Transport & automatic unloading of cut glass on flap and front of car-no obstacles
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Star cut

Strato Active W 6.0-cutting laminated glass with a 6 m bridge

High performance guaranteed by speed of cutting cycle, separation of glasses by brushless motor and blade for cutting PVB.  Flexible modular design can be configured to your production requirements. 

  • Abutment modules available in different lengths.
  • Intermediate lungs can be inserted for high productivity.
  • Glass discharge can be done with a flap or tilting table.
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Star cut

Double Bridge Line-cutting laminated glass

Reach your highest productivity yet.  This line limits the work of the operator to only unloading the cut glass that are positioned vertically on the end of line flap. 

  • Crosspieces and glasses are automatically rotated by means of turntable devices (patented) and allows for Z and W cuts without operator intervention.
  • Trimmings are unloaded in a special collection box.
  • Maximum ergonomics achieved by positioning control consoles above the work surface leaving the front line completely accessible and free of obstacles.
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Support after the sale is a priority

DeGorter and Macotec both provide on-line and on-site support to keep your equipment performing its best.  Between DeGorter's North Carolina warehouse and Macotec's fully stocked warehouse in Italy, we can provide you with prompt delivery of any parts you may need.

Contact us to help select the table that best suits your needs. Call 704-282-2055 or fill out the form.