Scholz Autoclaves

Starting in 1976, DeGorter, Inc. has had the pleasure of representing Maschinenbau Scholz, a leading German manufacturer of autoclaves. Scholz autoclaves are designed to produce the highest quality laminated safety glass and with over 40 years experience their autoclaves are second to none. With over 600 systems produced specifically for the glass industry throughout the world, one can rest in peace knowing their Scholz autoclave is of the highest quality.

ScholzScholz takes great pride in their ability to manufacturer autoclaves to the customers’ exact production specifications as every clave they produce is a custom project. They are masters at solving production cycle time problems and again are known for the high quality autoclaves they produce. They are flexible in their designs, taking into account each individual project's uniqueness. Scholz has made small autoclaves for experimental laminating purposes and they have also made some of the largest autoclaves in Europe.

When looking for a quality autoclave, there is no other choice than Scholz. Please call an agent at DeGorter, Inc. to talk about how a Scholz clave can be of benefit to your operation.

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Service is top focus for Scholz

Autoclaves are expensive pieces of equipment and they are a very valuable resource for those using them. Scholz and DeGorter both understand that down time is something one cannot afford to have.

This is why Scholz has dedicated much time to train engineers on the servicing of their equipment. Additionally, they handle technical problem swiftly and even provide customers with a 24 hour emergency service hotline.