About DeGorter Inc. - since 1922

About DeGorter IncDaniel De Gorter founded De Gorter, Inc. in 1922 and from then until 1969, at the time of his death, DeGorter, Inc. was one of the largest importers of glass and glass products in the United States.

After the death of Daniel, his son, John DeGorter, saw the future decline for imported glass due to improved domestic production. Through his connections in the industry, John realized glass-fabricating equipment would be in greater demand. 


Starting in 1969, DeGorter, Inc. began devoting their efforts to the sale and service of glass processing equipment. Since that time, they have grown steadily, with their main concentration being a company which provides quality equipment with reliable service. DeGorter, Inc. prides their self in delivering customers the level of service they deserve.

This is evident by DeGorter, Inc. being voted one of the best overall companies representing fabricating equipment in the glass industry, multiple years in a row.

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Current operations

Today DeGorter, Inc. is managed by John’s sons Peter and Daniel DeGorter.  DeGorter, Inc. focuses on providing quality products and services to the US float glass industry and developing long lasting mutual relationships with their ever growing customer base.

Their newest building has allowed an increase of inventory levels and provided extra services, such as diamond wheel redressing and polishing wheel profiling.

Additionally, they provide machinery service and rebuilding in house.  DeGorter, Inc. employs qualified service engineers to assist with installation and servicing of glass processing equipment.

DeGorter, Inc. does not offer low-end items, as they strongly believe higher quality items provide clients with higher quality finished products.


Their products are guaranteed and DeGorter, Inc. will always stand behind their suppliers. Many competitors have come and gone, but DeGorter, Inc. is still recognized as a leader in supplying glass processing machinery and supplies.

"DeGorter has been one of our most reliable and dependable overseas suppliers of machinery and spare parts for over 20 years.

Their products are of a very high quality, as a result, the products we offer our customers are of the highest quality. In 1992 we bought a machine from DeGorter and it is still going strong today. That is our no. 1 reason for being so loyal to a company that truly delivers good quality products and excellent customer service."

- Von White, Director,
Caribbean Glass Company LTD.

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with the DeGorter's for decades. Their staff is knowledgeable and attentive to our every need. They offer high quality products and stand behind their suppliers with excellent after-sale support for both their machines and commodities.

We have purchased at least 7 Schiatti Angelo machines for edging, drilling and beveling and our oldest, from 1994, is still in operation. This is a sure sign that they sell quality equipment and offer extensive support for their clients. That's why we feel comfortable using DeGorter as our supplier."

- Jon Witkin, Owner
Western States Glass Products.

"John DeGorter Inc. has been an integral part of our company for over forty years. They understand clearly what our mission in the market place is.

From Mr. DeGorter steering my father through major equipment purchases to son's Danny and Peter, working closely with our current team, they continually look out for new machinery and processes that enhance our business."

- Steve Bouchard,
President of Glass Distributors Inc.

"I have had the privilege of knowing the DeGorter Family for 35 years. During this time, Galaxy has purchased several pieces of equipment among the companies that they represent, including washing, edging, drilling and laminating equipment.

It has been my pleasant experience to find that DeGorter, Inc. stands behind everything that they sell or service. They have never left my company in a void. Kudos to an outstanding group of people that comprise DeGorter, Inc.

They have earned my business, respect and friendship over the long term."

- Eugene Negrin, President/Owner,
Galaxy Glass & Stone