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Why DeGorter and Pujol?

Founded in 1911, Hornos Industriales Pujol has distributed thousands of furnaces throughout the world.  Their solutions deliver considerable time, space, and energy savings as well as higher quality finished glass products.

A focus on technology has pushed Pujol to become the market leader for glass lamination, chemical tempering and glass fusing kilns.  Their latest technologies for laminating decorative and architectural glass with EVA, SGP and PVB make up the largest share of their products.

Extruding their proprietary EVA products, EVALAM™, to ISO standards in their own facilities in Spain has allowed Pujol to push boundaries while maintaining the strictest quality control measures. 

PujolGlass Processing Solutions

EVA Laminating Films, Processing Tools & Supplies

No limits in Glass Creation" Pujol EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) laminating solutions can produce about anything!

  • Open edge & bent glass products
  • Safety & bullet/blast resistant glass
  • Switchable & dynamic glass
  • Dichroic & LED glass
  • Digital printing, PET FILM-4 colors
  • Organic insertions-fabric, metals, stones & papers
  • Laminating tools & supplies
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EVALAM Visual & Crystal Ultra-Clear EVA Interlayers

The choice is clear, Pujol's proprietary Ultra-Clear thermoset EVA interlayers are the best on the market.  It allows you to supply better quality laminated glass product to your partners.

  • SGCC approved for interior/exterior application
  • Higher adhesion & better clarity
  • High crosslinking
  • Resistant to moisture absorption & lowest haze
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I-ON Glass-Switchable PDLC Films

Pujol makes to size PDLC films for your switchable and dynamic glass projects.  Contact us for pricing and sample material for its many dynamic applications.

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EVALAM Color EVA Interlayers

No limits in Glass Creation" Pujol EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) laminating solutions can produce about anything!

  • 9 base translucent colors combine to make an almost endless array. 
  • 4 white colors add varying degrees of opacity to colors or on their own, there's finally a fully opaque black.
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ABAR Structural Glass Interlayer

For the toughest structural glass EVALAM ABAR is 100% compatible with EVALAM EVA allowing open edge applications traditional products cannot.  Used for highly strengthened products:

  • Bullet resistant glass production
  • Hurricane safety glass
  • Blast resistant glass products
  • Glass floors & pools
  • Structural balustrades
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Laminating Ovens, Chemical Tempering Tanks & Fusing Kilns

Pujol has been heating industrial elements for over 100 years resulting in the best solutions for quality products. 

  • Production ovens for any size glass or volume
  • Customized assembly lines-automatic, semi-auto & manual
  • Fusing kilns-continuous & batch ovens
  • Chemical tempering tanks made to your specs
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Pujol 100 PVB+ Laminating Oven for EVA, SGP & PVB

Occupies less space, uses less energy and lower costs of materials provide savings up to 60% compared to traditional PVB laminating solutions using Autoclaves.

  • Pujol 100+ fully automatic line processes PVB without need for strict climate control conditions-ideal for production environments between 50,000-160,000 sq. ft./month.
  • Pujol 100 Fast Curing EVA Laminating Oven-rapid processing of clear EVA cycles (6mm + 6mm in 45 minutes); can exceed 10,000 sq./ft of EVA laminated glass/day when paired with automatic assembly line.
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Single Chamber Laminating Ovens

The LAMPRO is the entry level solution delivering the lowest entry point to the laminating market while the HLH series of ovens is ideal for large volumes of a standardized product.

  • LAMPRO-single processing chamber with one drawer flexible enough to process any laminated glass product.
  • HLH Series-high speed convection system (electric or gas power) with single chamber processing between 2-5 drawers using a single program.
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Multi-Chamber Laminating Ovens

LAMPRO TOP has multiple independent chambers each processing a single tray at a time.

  • Each chamber has upper & lower heating elements with heat distribution fan system.
  • Each chamber can run independent programs for maximum flexibility of production.
  • Series includes scissor lift & enclosed buffer system (2-4 separate chambers next to oven) for continuous workflow process.

LAMPRO DUO has 2-chambers (1 tray/chamber) with dual radiating electric heating and temp distribution fans.

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Heat Soak Testing

Heat Soak Test is the only "Test of Quality" effective to prevent spontaneous breakage of tempered glass, thus adding extra security for structural glass jobs.

  • Vertical air flow design speeds up Heat Soak process to around 5 hours/batch.
  • Multiple chamber solutions enable testing jumbo 6400 mm x 3600 mm or independent chambers inside for maximum efficiency of smaller glass.
  • Heat Soak testing plus lamination- single space saving unit with all necessary controls for both.
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Support after the sale is a priority

DeGorter and Pujol both provide on-line and on-site support to keep your equipment performing its best.  Between DeGorter's North Carolina warehouse and Pujol's fully stocked warehouse in Barcelona Spain, we can provide you with prompt delivery of any parts you may need.

Contact us to help select the table that best suits your needs. Call 704-282-2055 or fill out the form.