PujolDeGorter, Inc.’s partnership with Hornos Industriales Pujol, Pujol, brings the latest technologies for laminating decorative and architectural glass with EVA and PVB. With an almost endless amount of colors and patterns, EVA/PVB films have become one of the fastest ways to add value to any glass operation. The Pujol system can laminate just about anything!

With 100+ years experience and 700,000 furnaces distributed throughout the globe, their products stand out as both cost effective and reputable. Their new processes allow considerable time, space, and energy savings all while providing higher quality glass at a lower cost per piece.

Complete laminating lines cost a fraction of a standard autoclave laminating system and use much less energy during production.

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  • EVA and PVB Laminating
  • Indoor or Outdoor Application
  • Switchable Glass
  • Color Changing Glass
  • LED Glass
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Endless Colors
  • Digital Printing Design
  • Organic Insertions

Stand Alone Furnaces

Lam-Pro - Developed for those with space limitations, Lam-Pro is a double layer radiation furnace with electrical heating on the bottom. This furnace has been designed for easy loading and operation due to a self-supported tray. An economical oven allowing anyone to start laminating high quality products.

HLH and HLV Vertical system - Suitable for large parts with easy manipulation by a single operator in a short time. This system offers a greater flexibility of thickness in each batch. Horizontal system: Main advantage lies in the speed for small to medium sized laminated pieces.

Multiple Chambers is a solution that enables large laminated glass measuring up to 6400 mm x 3600 mm. The furnace model allows for greater flexibility in managing several trays.

HST, HEAT SOAK TEST - The Heat Soak Test is the only "Test of Quality" effective to prevent spontaneous breakage of tempered glass, thus adding an extra security for structural glass jobs.

Duplex, Horizontal & Vertical
Multiple Chambers
Multi Chamber
Heat Soak Tests

Automated Laminating Lines

PUJOL-100 System - This full service line can laminate EVA and also PVB in about 5 hours. The cost of the line compared to an autoclave is about 50% less and the total energy usage during operation is around 65% of what an autoclave system uses. Flexibility in handling large pieces and improvements in the ease of preparation. Contains a large tilting table with the possibility of handling 3000 x 2000 mm and jumbo sizes from 4200 x 3000 mm.

NEW Fast Cure 100 Line - Faster production of the PUJOL-100 line.

Laminated Line
Laminated Line

EVA Products

NEW EVALAM VISUAL - Developed and manufactured in Europe, Pujols' Visual is the best multi-purpose clear EVA product. Stocked in North Carolina in two thicknesses; 0.38mm and 0.76mm.

  • Less Haze than PVB - 0.05% with 1 layer, 0.1% with 3 layers
  • Greater Adhesion - > 140 (Ncm)
  • High Crosslink - 87%
  • Light Transmittance - 91% 1 layer, 88.5% 3 layers
  • UV filtering

EVALAM COLOR – 12 Standard Colors which when mixed create hundreds more colors. EVALAM is Pujol's trademark EVA product. All EVALAM products are developed by Pujol. Colors kept in stock in Spain and North Carolina.

EVALAM Insertion Options

Organic – Inserts made of paper and other organic materials. Visuals dual melting point allows end users to laminate just about any organic matter. These can be papers, fabrics, or even something like wood.

Digital Printing, PET FILM – Available in 4 different colors: Transparent, Translucent, White, and Silver. Print on the film and laminate with clear EVA to allow endless customization of your decorative laminated glass. Most local print shops are capable of printing on PET film.

SWITCHABLE FILM – with the touch of a button turn glass from clear to opaque, this allows privacy in both day and night. Custom ordered through factory only.

LED FILM – With the insertion of bright LED bulbs and wireless connectivity, this system gives you an almost endless supply of options for flat or curved glass. Custom ordered through factory only.

Polyflush – Polyflush changes color depending on the viewing and sun position, an excellent way to add mobility to static objects. Custom ordered through factory only.

3D Painting - Three dimensional painted insertions allow for even greater creative flexibility. Custom ordered through factory only. (Sample Work of 3D paint)

Holographic – These inserts generate the illusion of a 3D image, combine these patterns with any EVA color for an almost endless amount of possibilities. (Samples of Holographic options)

  • EVA Holders, with or without cutter
  • Neutralizer
  • Humidity Testing
  • UV + UI +Ur testing
EVALAM Organic
Organic Colors
 Digital Printing PET Film
Switchable Film
LED Film
3D Painting
3D Painting

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