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We've been serving you since 1922

DeGorterDeGorter, Inc. is a glass manufacturers’ one stop shop.  With an established network, DeGorter, Inc. is able to provide the highest quality products, thus ensuring the value of their clients’ finished products. 

Having served the industry for over 90 years, DeGorter, Inc. knows the ins and outs of the domestic float glass industry.

Founded in 1922, DeGorter, Inc. is one of the oldest companies operating in The United States glass industry.  With over 90 years in business, DeGorter, Inc. works to present reliable solutions and their experience allows for solutions designed to meet any specific need.  Now in their fourth generation, DeGorter, Inc. can assure your business will be treated like you’re family too.  After all, the success of DeGorter, Inc. depends on the success of their clients. 

DeGorter's Vision: To become the most comprehensive flat glass agent in The United States and to develop a fulfilled network of customers while building mutual loyalty and respect

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The finest glass industry equipment

Schiatti factoryDeGorter's Mission: Continually improve the productivity of customers by providing the highest quality, technically advanced glass processing products, superior quality in services, and ongoing support.  

Building on knowledge from years of experience in supplying the glass industry, DeGorter, Inc. provides exceptional value.  

DeGorter, Inc. puts the customer-first in order to maintain positive working relationships with all clients large and small.  

Strategic partnerships, like with Schiatti Angelo, SRL, demonstrate focus on carrying only the highest quality products.  Schiatti Angelo glass processing machinery has proven its reliability and strength of design over the last 50 years. 

Schiatti machines are designed specifically to meet customers’ needs and focus on three key elements: Quality, Reliability, and Durability. 

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