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Serving the glass industry for over 60 years, the Triulzi name is synonymous with experience, quality and innovation.  DeGorter, Inc. is proud to be partnered with them and together, you can be certain there will always be someone there to service your specific needs.

As a global leader in manufacturing machines for washing/drying, insulating, laminating and more, their continued focus on technological improvements have made working with their machines easy and more productive.

TriulziGlass Processing Solutions

Horizontal, Vertical & Open Top Glass Washers

Known world-wide for their solid construction and technological advances, Triulzi washers have a reputation for longevity and minimal maintenance.

With many models of horizontal, vertical and open top washers, Triulzi is certain to have one to fit your specific production needs.

  • Washing and drying glass from small parts to jumbo lites.
  • Each model has been designed with distinguishing features-size of glass it's able to process or type of job needed.

Insulating Lines-LVI-SA & LVIA Series

Triulzi's outstanding reputation for quality washers has helped with their development of some of the highest quality laminating lines for flat glass.

  • Popular models:  LVI-SA 2000 x 2800 & LVI-A 2500 x 2800
  • Insulating lines are used to produce lites of glass of two or more pieces for insulated glass units.
  • Insulated glass units help keep temperatures behind the glass stable.

Laminating Lines-LAM Series

To produce laminated pieces of glass, these lines include everything from the washer up to the laminating station (autoclave system to finish laminating process not included).

  • Parallel & straight-line orientation
  • M111 Semi-automatic profile cutter
  • Up to 3400 mm wide/auto thickness from 3-50 mm
  • Auto Low-E glass detection
  • Working speed up to 28 m/min

Support after the sale is a priority

DeGorter and Triulzi both provide on-line and on-site support to keep your equipment performing its best.  Between DeGorter's North Carolina warehouse and Triulzi's fully stocked warehouse in Italy, we can provide you with prompt delivery of any parts you may need.

Contact us to help select the table that best suits your needs. Call 704-282-2055 or fill out the form.